When most people picture a marquee wedding, they envision clear blue skies, warm, hot sunshine and lots of outdoor activities. But marquees aren’t something that should just be left to summer weddings – they’re a great option for winter too!

If you’re keen to embrace the colder months for your nuptials, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know to make it a truly memorable, stunning – and cosy – event.

How to plan the perfect winter marquee wedding

While winter marquee weddings are completely do-able, there are a few extra areas that you’ll need to pay attention to to make sure it’s perfect.

Choose the right location

Selecting the perfect location is paramount for a winter marquee wedding. Since the weather can be more unpredictable during this time of the year, it’s crucial to choose a venue that is more adept at dealing with any adverse weather conditions, for example ground that is unlikely to flood and an area that can remain accessible – even during a snowstorm!

Weather-proof your marquee

To ensure that your marquee wedding is comfortable and cosy, consider additional weather-proofing measures, such as installing heating systems, insulated flooring and sidewalls to protect against drafts. You should always work closely with your marquee provider to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that shields your guests from the elements. Pay close attention to areas that lead to the outside, providing plenty of heating around entrances and blankets on any outdoor furniture.

Warm up with your decor

Winter weddings offer a unique opportunity to play with elegant and snug aesthetics. Embrace the season by incorporating rich, warm colours like deep burgundy, emerald green and navy blue, as well as plush fabrics like velvet and faux fur to create an inviting ambiance. Candlelight can work wonders in enhancing the romantic atmosphere, casting a soft and warm glow throughout the marquee.

Select an appropriate catering option

Winter calls for heartier fare that not only warms the soul but also complements the season. Consider a menu that features comfort foods like hearty stews, roasted meats and seasonal vegetables. For drinks, offer a variety of warm beverages such as mulled wine, hot chocolate, and spiced cocktails. Don’t forget to include some winter-inspired desserts, like apple crumbles and gingerbread treats.

Light the way

Since daylight hours are shorter in the winter, lighting is a really important aspect of your wedding’s ambiance. Incorporate various types of lighting, such as string lights, lanterns and chandeliers to create a warm and inviting atmosphere both inside and outside the marquee. The right lighting can transform your wedding into a magical wonderland, especially when paired with the natural beauty of a winter landscape.

Don’t forget the logistics

Winter weather might bring some logistical challenges, so it’s important to plan ahead. Ensure that pathways are well-lit and clear of snow or ice for your guests’ safety and have a robust plan for transportation to and from the venue. Make sure you communicate any important details to your guests well in advance. You can also consider providing amenities like hand warmers and cosy seating to keep everyone comfortable and toasty throughout the day.

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