Marquees are a great way to host the perfect event – and where better to arrange one than in your own back garden? One of the most common questions we get here at TM Event Hire is “Will it fit in my garden?” and the answer is usually, probably yes! However, there are a few factors that you’ll need to take into account in order to understand whether your garden is the right space to put up a marquee.

How do I know if I can get a marquee into my garden?

As a general rule, we advise anyone who is considering hosting a marquee event in their garden to take note of the following aspects when trying to understand if their space would be appropriate:

The size

Most gardens can accommodate a marquee of some size, however if you’re planning on having a larger event, your garden will need to be of a certain size to allow for this. It may be worth measuring the space, not including planters and borders, so that your chosen marquee hiring company can get an idea of what’s possible.

The incline

While uneven ground and a slight slope can usually be accommodated with a marquee, if your garden is built on a sharp incline this may make it more difficult and may require a shelf to be built out.

The ground conditions

If you have particularly uneven ground, or if the weather conditions have made it quite boggy, this is another aspect which may affect your ability to host a marquee wedding in your garden.

Existing plants and trees

In order to put up a marquee, you will need a space of uninterrupted garden, weather on grass or patio. If you have any trees, permanent planters or other structures that block off the area, this may mean that you’ll have less or no space for a marquee.

Other obstructions

Overhanging branches, tree roots, telephone cables or other buildings can also impact whether you can host a marquee event in your back garden, as they can limit the height of a marquee or the ability to properly secure it into the ground.

Drainage or water runways

Take note of if you have any drainage or water runways near where you want to place your marquee as this can affect the flooring positioning.


The marquee hiring company will need to have easy access through to the space to bring in all of their equipment, even if this is just a side gate. You’ll also want to consider the access that any catering companies (and your guests!) may need as well.

Booking your marquee even with TM Event Hire

As every garden and location is different, we always arrange a site visit to assess and understand the location and/or terrain, your guest list size and event theme so we can advise on what’s best for your event. It may be helpful to take some photos of the space to send along with your enquiry so that we can assess what’s possible in advance as well.

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