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Everything You Need To Know About Damages

Can I put a Chinese Hat on concrete or decking?2022-12-06T17:32:47+00:00

Yes you can, the only difference is that we would have to supply water barrels to secure the marquee down. We would also recommend wooden flooring as carpet and matting isn’t suitable.

How long does a Chinese Hat take to put up?2022-12-06T17:32:47+00:00

This all depends on size of marquee and any extras you choose. When booking, we will advise how long it will take.

How much is a Chinese Hat?2022-12-06T17:32:47+00:00

In order to answer this for you, we would need to know how many guests are attending your event and any other items you would require with the marquee. We may also need to know details on the proposed location for the marquee.

We would recommend you give us a call/email with the full details of your event and a member of our team will be able to give you a detailed quote and guide you through our hassle free booking process.

Whats the difference between a Chinese Hat and a marquee?2022-12-06T17:32:48+00:00

There is not a lot of difference, they are the same spec and design, so they can be connected to marquees. The big difference is the shape, which gives a more elegant  look to your event.

How far in advance do I need to book?2022-12-06T17:32:46+00:00

It is difficult to advise on how early a booking needs to be made. Peak summer dates can sell quickly. Early and late season dates are available at much shorter notice.

What about power?2022-12-06T17:32:46+00:00

Our lights and heaters run on low power, so as long as there is a nearby building/house this is sufficient. However depending on catering and bands, you may need a generator, we would be happy to give you a quote for this using one of our recommended suppliers.

How is a Chinese Hat heated?2022-12-06T17:32:47+00:00

We can supply indirect heaters, which sit outside the tent. They blow warm air through ducts and are thermostatically controlled.

We can advise how may you would need depending on size of the marquee and the time of year.

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